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Welcome to the KCTA Website

Welcome to, the official website of the KCTA - the Kansas Cable Telecommunications Association.


We are the statewide organization representing the cable telecommunications industry within the State of Kansas.


If you are a Cable Franchise Owner who is not currently a member of the KCTA, please join us!  If you are connected to the cable telecommunications industry, connect with the KCTA.

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The Impact of Cable in Kansas and Beyond


Cable operators have invested $174 billion over the last 15 years, and this investment has been felt in every community across the nation.  As of 2010, the cable industry, directly and indirectly, accounted for almost 1.8 million US jobs, representing $77 billion in personal income. The gross economic output attributable to the industry amounted to $251 billion.  There are cable employees in all 50 states, and there are 7,400 locally based cable systems.


In Kansas, over 2,000 individuals are employed as cable operators directly and over 17,000 jobs are indirectly impacted by the cable industry.  The cable industry also accounts for $2.6 billion in economic impact in the state.


The impact cable has in each Kansas Congressional District is staggering as well:


1st Congressional District

Cable Operator Employees – 348 Total

Local Effect – 2,971 jobs,

$444 million economic impact


2nd Congressional District

Cable Operator Employees – 346

Total Local Effects – 2,954 jobs,

$442 million economic impact


3rd Congressional District

Cable Operator Employees – 373 Total

Local Effects – 3,184 jobs,

$476 million economic impact


4th Congressional District

Cable Operator Employees – 941 Total

Local Effects – 8,033 jobs,

$1,201 million economic impact